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GSK is CONNECT's 6th new partner in 2021, and sponsor of the Cancer Crosslinks 2022

CONNECT’s newest partner, GSK, sponsors the Cancer Crosslinks 2022, and is increasing its focus on oncology and hematology. These are exciting news for cancer research.

CONNECT welcomes our newest partner, GSK. GSK is a science-led, global healthcare company. They work to develop new vaccines, medicines and other healthcare products to improve the lives of as many users as possible – all around the world.

GSK is a leader in therapeutic areas such as Respiratory, HIV and Vaccines. Now, the focus has shifted to science related to the immune system, human genetics and advanced technologies. This will help to increase the focus on specialty medicines in areas such as oncology and hematology.

GSK is committed to provide improved treatment options for cancer patients. Our purpose is to unite science, talent and technology to get ahead of disease together. We are therefore very excited to be part of CONNECT, which to us mean to be a part of the solution to advance the field of personalized cancer medicine in Norway.

Aslaug Muggerud, Scientific Advisor, GSK Norway

Aslaug Muggerud, Scientific Advisor, GSK Norway.

This makes it the perfect time to join CONNECT as their newest partner, in addition to GSK holding a vital supportive role in the sponsoring of the Cancer Crosslinks 2022.

The engagement in CONNECT and GSK’s support to Cancer Crosslinks 2022 demonstrate our commitments ahead for oncology and hematology.

Eirik Quamme Bergan, Medical Director, GSK Norway

Eirik Quamme Bergan, Medical Director, GSK Norway.

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