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New project manager for CONNECT

Andreas Høiaas is the new project manager at CONNECT. He will subsequently work on the project while continuing part-time in his role as a political advisor at the Norwegian Cancer Society.

Andreas Høiaas from the Norwegian Cancer Society is the new project manager for CONNECT. Photo: Oslo Cancer Cluster

Høiaas has now taken over the baton from Jutta Heix at Oslo Cancer Cluster, who has led the project since its inception in 2020. With a background in health economics and experience as a political advisor at the Cancer Society, Høiaas brings solid expertise and dedication to his new role.

Vision for the future

"I look forward to working with CONNECT and taking the project forward in a new phase. It's a unique project, even in an international context, so we must continue to invest in it!" says Høiaas enthusiastically.

Høiaas has a broad and solid background in the health field, with responsibility for the Cancer Society's national policies on drugs, technology, the health industry, and healthcare development. Previously, he has also worked as a consultant in market access and is well acquainted with many of the issues that CONNECT deals with, from the perspectives of patients, suppliers, and the public sector.

Collaboration and solutions

"From my perspective, CONNECT is in a unique position to contribute to ensuring that patients who can benefit from personalized treatment have access to it."

"We have a unique composition of public actors and businesses, and we must continue to learn from each other, communicate, and work purposefully towards concrete solutions," continues Høiaas.

Efficient start

Andreas Høiaas has already begun his work and reports an effective start:

"So far, I have spent a lot of time talking to people, finding out what has been done, and where we need to go next. Now, the focus is on structuring the work, setting concrete goals for how CONNECT should further contribute to creating a good framework for the use of precision medicine."


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