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CONNECT Seminar on Horizon Scanning Methods

Learn more about Horizon Scanning Methods from the presentations held at a recent CONNECT meeting.

CONNECT Working Group 1 hosted a digital seminar on May 5th, 2021, gathering almost 60 participants representing the consortium partners.

The topic "Horizon Scanning Methods: What? How? Why?" was addressed by two experts from the public and private sector. Vigdis Lauvrak, Senior Researcher, Norwegian Institute for Public Health, and Tom Metcalfe, Head of PHC Healthcare System Partnerships in Roche’s Product Development Medical Affairs Organization addressed the topic from complementary perspectives and with a focus on emerging diagnostics and technologies for precision medicine.

Tor Atle Rosness, Senior Researcher, Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) moderated a lively discussion highlighting the importance of collaboration and the need for novel approaches tailored to the rapid progress in precision medicine and the different stakeholders involved.

“NIPH is a proud participant in this important joint collaboration that aims to improve the lives of those diagnosed with cancer, by facilitating tailored treatment approaches,” commented Tor Atle Rosness.

"It was very exciting to host this arrangement – and today I think CONNECT really provided a novel space for sharing knowledge. And the discussion concerning how to better prepare hospitals for implementing new diagnostics revealed that a closer collaboration between public and private stakeholders might help to identify challenges and opportunities more efficient!" said Hege Russnes, Senior Consultant, Pathology, Group leader, Dept. of Cancer Genetics Oslo University Hospital and Head of InPreD.

You can access the video of the two presentations below. CONNECT partners can access the slide decks via TEAM or reach out to Jutta Heix (

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